Bitter Melon

Why Are Bitter Melon Herbs and Supplements Important for Diabetes?

Health experts have been offering advice for a long time on the best bitter melon supplement for diabetes! While we have found many benefits to getting the right amount of this herb, it may not work as effectively as some other supplements. So let’s look at the main components and how much each is necessary for your diet.

What is the key component of bitter melon?

Bitter Melon

The ingredient contained in bitter melon has four different types of flavonoids, including theobromine (a caffeinated fat) and caffeine, and quercetin (a naturally occurring polyphenol). It also contains two plant metabolites known as alpha-synuclein (a substance produced by the body that binds with proteins in your cells), pyridoxine (a small molecule), or an amino acid called glycine. However, all four of these are associated with lowering blood sugar and promoting healthy heart health, which is two of the most important functions of diabetic people.

Bitter melon can be used to solve the problem of too much sugar in your diet while keeping it away from you. You can add 1.5 kilograms (2.67 pounds), which is about 4 cups, into your daily intake to avoid over-saturation. This means if one cup of bitter melon is consumed over the course of 2 weeks, you can expect to see your blood glucose level go down and control your excess sugar from happening. There are plenty of bitter melon foods for weight loss: a delicious recipe for baked mango sorbet:

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The reason why bitter melon works so well for diabetes is that it contains antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E which are important for preventing oxidative damage and protecting you from free radicals. As a result, your inflammation will decrease and your blood sugar has no chance to spike because of the nutrients that fight oxidative damage. Also, if bitter melon was added to your meal prepping your food before you eat it, then your insulin action would increase which will help to reduce blood sugar spikes and keep your sugars where they belong.

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How much bitter melon is necessary?

There are a good number of studies done that show how this herb can be beneficial for both heart and diabetes, and in recent years there have been even more studies showing how bitter melons also offer some advantages in preventing certain heart diseases. One study showed that bitter melon reduces the levels of homocysteine (a form of N-acetyl-cysteine), which is an amino acid known to increase the risk of heart disease by up to 11%.

An older paper published in 2003 also concluded that the extract of bitter melon also improves insulin sensitivity. If you’ve tried consuming bitter melon on its own but then weren’t able to get any results then the possibility of adding crushed or fresh bitter melon to a mixture for example could be the answer.

The supplement can be bought in an online store for approximately 2 grams in capsules or single serving containers of 60 capsules. So it is recommended to take just 1 tablespoon (15 mg) each day because of the high amount of caffeine, magnesium, potassium, boron, copper, vitamin D3 and manganese they offer.

This is one of our top recommendations for how to use bitter melon, so if you want to check out more information, then click here! Also, a link to a helpful article on using bitter melon for the treatment of a few medical conditions is here.

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